WELCOME To Go Self Employed
Business Start-Up Services for UK entrepreneurs
Starting a new business is a massive undertaking for anyone. Did you know that for every new business that starts this year it is likely that only 43% will still be going in a year?s time and only 20% in 5 years time.

These are our core business start up services to ensure you are a success...

  • Tax planning - we will advise you on the areas of tax planning we feel are likely to be of most importance to you from the start.

  • Business structure ? should you be a sole trader, partnership, Limited Company or even a Limited Liability Partnership? We will talk you through which is best for you.

  • Raising finance and business plans - identifying the funding you need, the most suitable sources of finance, cashflow projections, budgets, and trading forecasts.

  • Bookkeeping ? we will show you how to keep your books, either manually or on a computer, whichever you prefer. We can advise and train you on suitable accounting software.

  • Business growth - all the services you need to help you grow your business.
Business Startup Helpsheets
  • The 5 Key Qualities Needed to Succeed in Business Find out what helps make a successful entrepreneur.
  • Top Tips to Consider When Starting a Business The main things to consider when starting up.
  • Which Business Structure Should You Use? A comparison of sole traders, partnerships, Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships.
  • Writing a Business Plan How to do it and a checklist of what to include.
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